I still can’t understand and define exactly, a kind of an inner force that had been with me from my intimate beginning. It becomes more and more evident to me it had always been there.
Something melted into my life and attracted me to pinot noir way before I saw any vineyards. 
This for me, have happened quite late, at the age of 13 visiting Corsica: my first trip ever to Europe. I have to confess, vineyards were not at that time my main interest but the beauty of the Mediterranean countryside covered by these spectacular vineyards is still in my memory.
I was more of a city boy with, from my mother’s side of the family, strong rural roots but no vineyards at all in these roots.
Touring again in Europe for a few months on my own at the age of 19 I saw from far away more vineyards.  Most of them beautiful and giving the impression they have been there forever. I could feel at that moment how big of a role the wine culture played helping to establish the fundamentals of our civilisation.
My third trip to Europe soon after, at the age of 21 was really dedicated to vineyards and wine. This brought me to Burgundy and probably because of that something this trip never ended. And now, my Burgundy anchorage makes me travel on different continents.

The millerandage Pinot is from a massal selection of Pinot Noir known as the Valdivieso selection. It is not from a climatic incident as is usual on the grapes.

When I first started to make wines in Chile, back in 2002, I was attracted from the beginning by Biobio as a cold climate region that would suit really well varietals like pinot noir and chardonnay (which have to mature slowly to express the whole of their complexity).
VC Family Estate already had some vineyards planted with pinot noir and chardonnay there, near the small village of Negrete, in an area called Santa Ana.
The soils in Santa Ana are alluvionnal. They can produce very good fruity wines bit you would never get great terroir expression from them because they are not complex enough in terms of minerality. 
So, we decided to plant the hillsides from Millaflores nearby, very complex volcanic soils with a lot of diversity in terms of their mineral complexion. A type of soil with its own unique geology easily transmitable in a grape like pinot noir. 
Meanwhile these vineyards were going to produce, I was still looking at the Santa Ana plantations to learn how the different "Dijon clones" 115 and 777 , we performing in comparaison to the Chilean National selections. 
At the same time we started the Veranda label with chardonnay and pinot noir fruits we were buying from Casablanca (in region of Valparaiso).
The farm where these fruits were coming from also had the "Dijon clones" 115 and 777 plus two of the Chilean National selections.
These Chilean National selections are old massal selections who had been introduced to Chile about 60 years ago or so, back then in order to make sparkling wines.

Gilbraltar Rock

Jeff Burch et moi à Gilbraltar Rock. Vous pouvez voir en arrière plan cette magnifique colline granitique vieille de 150 000 000 d'années, qui participe à ce terroir très particulier. Ce sont parmi les plus vieux sols du monde qui s'étendent à ses pieds, avec une complixité minérale unique qui donne aux vins qui en sont issus, une identité très forte, le Gilbraltar Rock Pinot Noir est toujours dense, structuré et puissant.

Mount Barrow "Grand Stand"

Jeff et moi avec  David Botting chef de culture et Peter Bockman le responsable du site, dans notre vignoble dit du "Grand Stand" à Mount Barrow.
Il s'agit d'un petit bloc d'1ha, en plantation serrée à 7500 pieds/ha qui donnera ses premiers fruits cette année. On les attends avec impatience et beaucoup d'espoirs. Ce petit coin de terre confiné entre les arbres, avec sa pente marquée et son exposition sud sera-t-il un jour reconnu comme mythique pour le Pinot Noir?

In 2009, we created the blog, the resolution in 2010 is to fill it more

Come to have a look sometimes to times!

I wish you a happy New Year, all the best for 2010, health, happiness, prosperity and good wines

Finally, I am launching my blog! I have been talking to myself about it for a long time, but at last it is done. Now the big challenge will be to fill it regularly with elements that will be fascinating to the adventurous reader that will come here.

You will have a good idea of my actual activities by going through the site. For the ones who do not know it, you will notice that I travel a lot. All those pilgrimages through the wine world will be the base of what you will find on the blog.

A bientôt here on the blog and maybe before, I will meet some of you at Vinexpo where I will be presenting some of my wines from Burgundy and Chile.  Have a look at the enclosed invitation!

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