Let's present myself

I was born in Montreal in 1962. I grewed up and then, left at my majority to travel the world. Passionnate about wine, I established myself in Burgundy when I was 21 years old to attend a wine school and then become a winemaker and manager of wine estates. I am the father of 2 boys.

Believer of the organic farming and inspired by biodynamic since the 80's, I now try to promote my ideas through out the world. My philosophy is to work as simply as possible, watching and listening to the nature, to be closer to it, without trying to control it.

I want the wines to reflect the uniqueness of each terroir. The diversity of soils is infinite, from their origins and the climate that shapes them. This provide a unique mineral composition for each of them, that has to be pass on to the plant and the fruit, to give the original character of the wines. This is the base of my work, still and always in Burgundy but also on other continents.